The Light Gallery

The building of the Czech Embassy has changed to become a Light Gallery of contemporary Czech artists. The unifying element is the light; the building has become a unique exhibit on its own. One whole side of the building is shining in the tricolour. The lights in the windows rejuvenate the building with the light pulsing and play the role of a mediator between the outer and the inner world of the Embassy on the night.




The Monolith
On the piazza in front of the Embassy stands a five-meter high light “Monolith“. This installation ranks among the newest light installation trends and is composed of 3,328 LED bulbs. Each of them is an independent point of composition, capable of displaying the entire colour spectrum.




The Resonator by Jan Hladil
An installation in the Embassy´s underground garage of the Embassy, combines elements of technology with a philosophical subtext, all derived from scientific understanding. As expressed by its title, it consists of a model of a resonator –a fundamental component of the mechanism of a laser module. The artist does not stop at the technical aspects of this device, but also presents the resonator as a metaphor for human existence. In his view, each human being figuratively functions as a sort of sociocultural resonator.